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Socomec présente INOSYS LBS, la nouvelle génération d’interrupteurs-sectionneurs à la pointe de la technologie.
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Socomec delivers 20 energy storage systems to US intelligent energy leader Stem – for reduced electricity billing

Leading European manufacturer of energy storage solutions, Socomec, launches UL certified systems in the USA.

New general catalogue 2015/2016

All solutions for Power, Control, Safety & Energy Efficiency

The new general catalogue is available! You can now order your paper version or download the pdf version.

New measurement catalogue 2015/2016

A complete range for metering, monitoring & power quality.

The new measurement catalogue is available! You can now order your paper version or download the pdf version.

Fuse Monitoring Devices

With over 90 years’ experience in the electrical equipment market, Socomec has market-leading expertise in the design and manufacture of fuse protection systems for both personnel and equipment – providing the highest levels of power availability and protection for critical systems.

Socomec’s range of Fuse Monitoring Devices (FMD) has been engineered to monitor and relay the status of standard fuses (without strikers).  Socomec’s Fuse Monitoring Devices 10 and 30 remotely identify any blown fuse, therefore protecting motors from overload during single phase operation.

The FMD enables the use of all types of standard fuse (DIN, BS, UL) without the need for striker fuse control.

Furthermore, the use of Socomec’s FMD provides a visual indication of blown fuses as well as a test function to verify the correct operation of the device; the ideal solution for status requirements.

The FMD 30 also provides a power reserve, guaranteeing continuity of the visual information function when the door is open and the cabinet powered OFF.

As with all Socomec integrated power solution products, the FMD range has been designed with rapid integration and flexibility in mind.

Supplied by a direct connection to the fuse banks via the universal connection kit, all connectors are bistable relay and supply.  The FMD 10 and 30 are modular and can be mounted both at the base of the cabinet or on the door – or even fixed directly to a fuse combination switch such as Socomec’s FUSERBLOC.

SIRCO PV on PV Expo JAPAN 2014

Reducing material and labour costs while producing more power - mission impossible? Not with our SIRCO PV.
Discover the video of our customer SHOALS on EXPO PV JAPAN 2014.

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Socomec has been present since July 2012 on YouTube, the biggest video sharing platform.
The channel offers presentation videos of the Socomec Group, its expertise, as well as company highlights.