Power supply continuity and electrical distribution

Whether for industry, the health sector, services or IT, the availability of electrical energy is a critical factor.
As specialists in mains supply changeover, Socomec offers a complete and innovative range of manual, motorized / remote (RTSE) or automatic (ATSE) changeover applications as well as more complete solutions such as our ATS bypass.
Available is either modular or industrial versions, from 25 to 3200A, these mains changeover devices are perfectly adapted for power transfer between two circuits or between a network and a gen-set.
For optimized continuity and service life of your installation, the DIRIS A80 provides insulation monitoring and control for carrying out preventive maintenance operations.

Take action today with our solutions

  • Continued service for your electrical installation

  • Improved power availability

  • Secured switching between normal mains and emergency source

  • Manual or automatic source transfer between power circuits

  • Easy control of switching or load inversion

  • Safe and easy isolation of equipment for maintenance procedures whilst maintaining electrical service continuity

  • Possibility of changeover during maintenance procedures (bypass)