Why Accuracy of the Overall Metering System Matters

accuracy of overall metering system

In an effort to reduce power consumption, it has become more and more popular for building managers to implement energy efficiency projects. This is great news! When we begin to reduce power consumption, we are making strides toward a more efficient future. These actions not only benefit the environment, but can also minimize building costs as you use less energy. But it’s important to keep in mind that reducing your power consumption shouldn’t be a guessing game; to ensure your efficiency program is working, you must have an accurate measurement system.

Measuring Your Energy Usage

So you want to implement an energy efficiency program. How are you going to do it? What are your energy goals? For that matter, how much energy are you currently using, and how do you intend to reach your goals? How will you know if you meet your goals?

If you’ve just begun to consider energy efficiency, this can seem like a lot to think about. But the good news is there are tools out there designed for this specific purpose. Energy metering systems can be installed in a building to monitor power consumption and to help you make decisions about where to cut energy waste.

Accuracy of Measurement

The important thing to keep in mind with energy metering systems is accuracy. When a system is accurate, it can provide you with a lot of knowledge about your energy consumption, ideas for changing that consumption, and feedback to see whether or not you are actually reducing your usage. When a system is inaccurate, you cannot know if you are making decisions based on good data, and you won’t be able to tell if your efforts are making a dent in your energy consumption.

Here is where most building managers go wrong. Often, when looking into a measuring system, managers consider only the accuracy of the Performance Measuring and Monitoring Device, or PMD. They fail to take into account the accuracy of the rest of the system.

An accurate PMD is essential for a functional, reliable power monitoring system, but don’t forget that it’s part of an overall system. If the sensors (commonly called Current Transformers) associated with the PMD aren’t reliable and accurate, you won’t have an accurate system. It is essential to ensure that your overall metering system is working to the best of its abilities if you hope to make an impact in your building’s energy usage.

Socomec’s Solution: DIRIS Digiware

The only way to ensure you are installing an accurate overall power monitoring system is to work with a company dedicated to quality energy metering. Socomec is a leader in energy metering systems, and we care about the accuracy of your overall metering system.

For that reason, we have developed DIRIS Digiware, a multi-circuit measurement system, and its associated current sensors. DIRIS Digiware can be customized to fit your building’s needs and is guaranteed to accurately measure your energy consumption – from the PMD to all of its sensors.

If you’re ready to start saving energy with a reliable power monitoring system, read our latest article about the groundbreaking technologies offered with some of our Power Metering and Monitoring solutions.

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