multi circuit metering

The Best Multi-Circuit Metering Solutions for Small Spaces

Electrical rooms tend not to be a priority in the layout of commercial real estate space. These supporting facilities are most often small and filled with electrical distribution panels. For this reason, finding the space to install multi-circuit metering—especially in retrofit installs—is a challenge. Any square footage of floor space, such as common areas and…

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accuracy of the complete metering solution

Why Accuracy of the Complete Metering Solution is Vital for Tenant Metering

For the first time in over 10 years, commercial energy prices have begun to increase. Closing coal facilities and decommissioning peaker plants have had implications for office spaces and large residential units. Their electricity cost per square foot reached $1.70 per square foot in 2017, up ten cents from the year before. This means that metering is…

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tenant metering

How to Accurately Bill for Energy Consumption with Tenant Metering

If you own or manage commercial buildings, tenant submetering for your premises could transform how you bill your tenants for their consumption. The traditional approach is for a single meter that monitors the power consumption of multiple rental units. Tenants then share cost for energy consumption based on the rental square-footage they occupy. Traditional energy metering lacks transparency, which impairs…

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tenant submetering

Tenant Submetering: How to Automatically Read Meters and Generate Bills

Although there’s generally a master meter for measuring all of the energy used in a building, many buildings (whether residential or commercial) have several tenants. To ensure equitable billing, utility providers need a way to divide the total energy costs between tenants. Tenant submetering can help building managers to automatically generate bills depending on each…

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energy storage system for buildings

How Implementing an Energy Storage System for Buildings Helps Reduce Energy Cost

No building manager wants to spend a fortune on energy costs. Smarter energy decisions not only help you to meet the required efficiency standards, but they also reduce your building’s energy costs—saving you money. To gain better control over energy usage, many building managers are investing in energy storage systems. One of the primary applications…

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building energy management system

How to Implement a Building Energy Management System

The latest Building Energy Management Systems offer a remarkable opportunity to put energy at the center of your financial strategy. If your organization owns or operates commercial buildings, there are three ways that a modern Building Energy Management System can help you cut costs and improve financial performance. 1. Energy Efficiency Strategy Improving energy efficiency…

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