How to Implement a Building Energy Management System

building energy management system

The latest Building Energy Management Systems offer a remarkable opportunity to put energy at the center of your financial strategy. If your organization owns or operates commercial buildings, there are three ways that a modern Building Energy Management System can help you cut costs and improve financial performance.

1. Energy Efficiency Strategy

Improving energy efficiency is a strategic consideration because of the significance of energy as a business cost. Your ability to manage energy consumption has a direct impact on cost control and therefore a building’s performance as a financial asset.

The power required to heat, cool, ventilate, and illuminate workspaces is a significant contributor to overhead costs. Any savings you gain liberates your capital to invest in further improvements. The ultimate benefit for your organization comes from the increased financial resources available to support your long-term objectives.

An intelligent Building Energy Management System also helps to maximize the productivity of your workers. Sensors in the workspace and data analytics give you better control of the environment.

By centralizing and automating controls, you can optimize temperature and ventilation to maximize comfort and productivity. Also, you can monitor usage and automatically power-down HVAC and lighting in unoccupied sections, reducing energy costs to a minimum.

While a comfortable workplace is a good thing for workers, it also has the effect of supporting your long-term corporate mission. Over time, fewer losses due to improved efficiencies and a more productive work environment will release capital for strategic investment.

2. Optimize Usage and Reduce Waste

Smart buildings employ sensors and network connectivity to monitor and analyze vast quantities of data. By extracting this data, smart energy management systems optimize the way that you use energy.

Smart energy management systems can reduce energy costs by analyzing data. They monitor power consumption and take direct control of lighting, heating, ventilation, and cooling. Smart systems can improve maintenance scheduling and alert Facility Managers to equipment failures.

Your Facility Managers can identify simple changes that will make the most dramatic efficiency improvements. Smart Building Energy Management Systems can help you locate underutilized assets. When a building is unoccupied, such simple practices as shutting down computer networks at night can reveal valuable hidden savings opportunities.

Lighting alone accounts for such a sizable fraction of consumption that a system that turns off lights in unoccupied spaces can have a massive impact on energy costs. Improving the performance of lighting and other energy-intensive systems, such as HVAC, can account for significant improvements in financial performance.

3. Efficiency Improves Building Asset Performance

Energy efficient buildings have higher lease rates and resale value because they attract informed tenants. Modern commercial tenants are well informed about green issues and energy sustainability. A growing number of organizations recognize the importance of pursuing sustainability goals as part of their corporate values and missions.

Leaders and decision-makers understand the financial gains to be had by minimizing energy losses. They appreciate that investment by landlords benefit them as tenants. As occupiers, they know that they will have lower operating costs in smart buildings.

The same is true of commercial property buyers. Promoting the benefits of having a modern building management system will help to close sales more quickly and increase the selling price of your surplus properties when you decide to liquidate them.


Energy is not a commodity that you write off as a one-time cost. It is an opportunity to implement a multifaceted strategy that will have a significant impact on the financial performance of your business over time.

A Building Energy Management System from Socomec will enable your organization to monitor your power consumption in real time, and convert energy efficiency improvements into measurable financial rewards for the long term.

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