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In the field of energy, Socomec’s solutions support Building Owners and Facility Managers with existing and new construction by:

  • Optimizing the energy efficiency of the building throughout its life cycle
  • Securing the power supply to ensure the safety of people and equipment
  • Ensuring the scalability of electrical installations according to the renovations of the premises
  • Obtaining green building rating system certifications
  • Supporting environmentally responsible behavior

From commercial, educational, governmental, and residential buildings to shopping malls, Socomec’s switching, metering, UPS and energy storage solutions offer unrivaled assets to answer the needs of tomorrow.



Typical Applications and our solutions:

Power & energy monitoring to reduce consumption, ensure power quality and deliver tenant metering

Highly available secured power for buildings

Ensure people & equipment safety, and minimize building downtime

Energy Storage behind the meter & Grid support

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