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California Proposition 65 Charter

California Proposition 65 Charter

California Proposition 65 Context

The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, commonly known as California Proposition 65, was enacted in 1986. It is a Californian law that affects any type of product sold in the state of California.
Proposition 65 requires the State of California to publish at least once a year a list of chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity, and companies doing business in California to provide warnings when they knowingly cause significant exposures to listed chemicals.
Under the administration of Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), there are currently over 900 chemicals listed under Proposition 65.
New OEHHA regulations to strengthen Proposition 65 became operative in August 2018 introducing new warning requirements.
When a manufacturer includes a Proposition 65 warning notice, it does not mean the product is unsafe. Proposition 65 is more a ‘right to know’ law. The notice is intended to inform Californian of the presence of a listed chemical, so that he can make an informeddecision when purchasing and using the product.

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Socomec hazardous substances limitation policy

As part of its corporate social responsibility, Socomec is resolutely oriented towards the development of innovating solutions respectful of human health and the environment. Socomec is committed to provide safe products that comply with substance regulations and standards, such as European regulations REACH, ROHS, California Act Proposition 65, by limiting the use of listed substances in product design.
Socomec also monitors the possible presence, in its products, of substances that are in the process of being regulated, in order to anticipate future restrictions on use and thereby guarantee the durability and safety of the Socomec product offer.

How does California Proposition 65 affect Socomec?

In general, Socomec products do not contain chemicals intended to be released under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use. Thus, if present, in normal use conditions, chemicals are not intended to be exposed to users, nor to be released or discharged.
However, Socomec is continuously working with its supply chain to collect suppliers’ material declarations, including the disclosure of chemical substances. If, after reviewing the suppliers’ declarations, Socomec identifies that Proposition 65 chemicals may be present and that an exposure may exist, Socomec will provide clear and reasonable warnings.
As the California Proposition list is yearly updated with the addition of new chemicals, Socomec will keep a constant monitoring and update its product status to comply with Proposition 65.

How can customers check if a Socomec product is concerned by a Proposition 65 warning?

In case specific Proposition 65 warnings apply, depending on the product, these warnings can be obtained from the product and/or packaging label and/or the products manual and/or under the online resource library under our website For more information, contact your Socomec representative.

What must distributors of Socomec do?

Socomec’s distributors must communicate the warnings defined by Socomec to their customers before selling them the products concerned.


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