Welcome aboard Continental Control Systems!

Published on July 16, 2018


Socomec Group has recently acquired Continental Control Systems, a Longmont, Colorado-based manufacturing and engineering firm.

Founded in 1995, Continental Control Systems specializes in high accuracy electric power metering and inverter metering equipment. The company’s meters and current transformers are designed to provide standard accuracy and revenue-grade electrical measurements including power (kW) and energy (kWh) through a variety of communication protocols including BACnet®, Modbus® and LonWorks® or as pulse outputs. Applications for the WattNode® meter and Accu-CT® current transformers include measurement and verification of energy production, energy and power consumption measurement for building automation and energy shed, tenant submetering and net metering. All Continental Control Systems products are listed or recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for use worldwide.

“This acquisition is aligned with our intention to support and expand our presence in North America. Socomec and Continental Control Systems will both prosper greatly from each other’s engineering and manufacturing process,” said Bruno Plisson, Deputy Commercial & Service Director in North America.

“Being part of the Socomec group will allow Continental Control Systems to invest in engineering and manufacturing in order to support our existing customers and to further support the needs of the energy markets,” said Samuel F.E. Davenport, CEO of Continental Control Systems, LLC. “We are pleased with this opportunity and look forward to leveraging the synergies that the two companies have.”

Socomec and Continental Control Systems share many of the same core values and strengths. Socomec’s worldwide presence and Continental Control System’s domestic presence will enable the companies to provide clients with a wider range of products, options and services in both traditional and emerging markets.