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Medical facilities are concentrating all their efforts on the treatment and recovery of their patient and have to ensure the optimum operation of sensitive and critical equipment. Even a short power outage can compromise successful diagnostics or medical operations and therefore the well-being of their patients. Another challenge faced by hospitals is the need to reduce their energy bill. Socomec responds to the major challenges of healthcare institutions by offering:

  • Electrical designs adapted to the need for continuity of service of the equipment and to the safety of the patients and the medical teams
  • Measuring systems for sustainable plant management
  • Optimized solutions to anticipate future electrical installations’ improvement

Discover our metering, switching, UPS and Energy Storage solutions and how they support the continuity and safety of your medical facility.



Typical Applications and our Solutions:

Healthcare buildings: Public and Private

Secured Power for critical load management

Power Monitoring for critical load management

Ensure people & equipment safety, and minimize installation downtime

Power & energy monitoring to reduce consumption, ensure power quality and cost allocation

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