Increase Power Quality and Safety!

At Socomec, we take pride in our many Innovative Power Solutions that ensure an enhanced balance between productivity, quality, safety & protection. The Fuserbloc is one of our most popular switching solutions. In many different applications and industries, the Fuserbloc is used to increase the power to increase the power quality and safety of both employees and equipment.

Premier UPS*, a major global Power Conversion manufacturer, was looking to consolidate their fusible disconnect switch volume with a reliable partner. In order to provide the combination of superior short circuit current rating protection for their sensitive equipment in their panels via the installed fuse while providing the panel’s main disconnect means in a compact solution, they would need to find a company who offered not only competitive size and reliability, but also competitive pricing without compromising the need for a high quality product. They found that the Socomec Fuserbloc was the solution that they were looking for.

increase power quality fuserbloc popular switching solution

Ranging from 30 A to 800 A, these switches are extremely durable and are tested and approved for use in the most demanding applications. Additionally, our fusible disconnect switches comply with UL and CSA standards. They have been tested and designed for use in water treatment, telecommunications and military facilities to offer outstanding reliability under harsh conditions. Premier UPS* is able to confidently guarantee customers with the utmost safety due to enhanced features such as double break contact per pole that ensures the complete isolation of the fuse when it is in the “OFF” position. They are also able to assure continuous operation of production tools even in the most demanding situation for safe and reliable main disconnections.

This relationship has proven to be valuable for both Premier UPS* and Socomec, and has expanded beyond the United States market. Socomec is able to supply their factories in the US and Mexico with UL fusible disconnect switches while also providing IEC fusible disconnects switches for their European and Asian facilities. The success of the fusible disconnect switch business has also led to gaining sales of non-fusible and changeover switch products with Premier UPS*.

Socomec is proud to continue to provide the best solution for a wide variety of uses and design features that fit a large range of needs. Our Fuserbloc is known for its use in applications requiring a high short circuit current rating value for industrial process continuity, design features that ensure people & equipment safety, and ease of installation to minimize installation time. From food and beverage to heavy industrial processes, the Fuserbloc has performed as an effective and efficient solution amid infrastructural improvement for industries including but not limited to the Oil & Gas, Machine builders & OEM, and Process & manufacturing industry.

Our experts can help you determine if the Fuserbloc may be the solution to help you increase power quality and safety of your installations, while achieving a seamless availability of power and reducing environmental impacts, costs, and associated risks. For more information, on how the Fuserbloc can enhance your application, contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

To learn more, check out this video from our YouTube channel where our technical expert discusses some of the key features of the Fuserbloc.

*Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals/companies.