The Best Multi-Circuit Metering Solutions for Small Spaces

multi circuit metering

Electrical rooms tend not to be a priority in the layout of commercial real estate space. These supporting facilities are most often small and filled with electrical distribution panels. For this reason, finding the space to install multi-circuit metering—especially in retrofit installs—is a challenge.

Any square footage of floor space, such as common areas and utility closets that you cannot rent to tenants is an overhead expense in the eyes of developers. Trade-offs are the natural result of commercial necessity and efficiency that have nothing to do with power management. As a matter of economy, the space dedicated to the most vital services tends to be limited in the extreme. So if you want to install a multi-circuit metering system, how do you make the most of the small space you have?

Compact Multi-Circuit Metering Solutions

When multiple tenants occupy one property, you need to monitor a large number of circuits in a small space. With the typical overcrowded electric room, the task is to accurately and efficiently capture usage data and bill the correct tenant without confusion. Modern tenant metering overcomes these constraints with multi-circuit metering in compact modular packages.

These compact electrical meters save space, making the most of cramped electrical closets and increasing monitoring capabilities. The latest multi-circuit metering technology is quick and straightforward to install. It detects and reports wiring errors and displays outputs on easy-to-read backlit LCD panels. Whether installed in buildings, data centers, industrial, or infrastructure facilities, they provide a new standard of monitoring and electrical distribution.

Energy Metering Fit for All Situations

Gone are the days of splitting your utility costs evenly across all of your tenants. Tenant metering can now go beyond merely providing one billing output by including submetering, giving a diagnostic understanding of individual points of power consumption. Tenants can benefit from knowing details about their HVAC, lighting, and computer energy consumption, helping them to pinpoint waste and cut costs.

The challenge is to find the space in which to install these electrical distribution panels. The solution: modular tenant metering. Modern modular metering units are compact and simple enough to fit in the most cramped space and still provide the power and data to serve its purpose successfully.

Retrofit Metering for Tight Spaces

When you combine the pressure to minimize physical space dedicated to utilities and the need to make power efficiency gains, it is time to retrofit metering. Replacing your traditional metering system provides the perfect opportunity to install modern modular metering equipment for a solution that addresses the constraints of incentives for meeting new green standards.

Energy metering and submetering can reduce costs and consumption by attributing high-use and identifying waste more accurately. Submetering is vital to commercial power management because there are many essential but power-hungry systems in the modern commercial space.

When you retrofit metering, there is an opportunity to optimize the configuration of equipment and display panel placement to improve accessibility. Panels that can monitor multiple circuits at a single display minimize the space they consume.

Transform Your Tenant Metering

Tenants that get better insights and higher efficiency from their energy metering are happier. They have fewer billing disputes and reduced turnover. Multi-circuit metering provides the best way to monitor a large number of circuits in a small space.

New modular meters make retrofitting multi-circuit meters in on enclosure fast and simple. Want to learn more about the future of power monitoring? Take a look at Socomec’s groundbreaking technologies that are blazing the trail toward more simple, effective power monitoring!