Not SO Standard: Are Your Installations NFPA 79 Compliant?

At Socomec, one of our main goals is to provide a safe and reliable solution for our customers. We strive to offer products that ensure the protection of the user as well as the installations. To maintain this promise; we are adamant about keeping up to date and reviewing the latest standards introduced to the market in order to best serve our customers and the facilities in which they operate.

About NFPA 79

One of the standards that we are often confronted with in the market is NFPA 79. NFPA 79 is the Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery issued by the NFPA, (National Fire Protection Association) and is “intended to minimize the potential hazard of electrical shock and electrical fire hazards of industrial metalworking machine tools, woodworking machinery, plastics machinery and mass produced equipment, not portable by hand.” Socomec has created a range of products to ensure that our customers can remain NFPA 79 compliant.

The standard is currently applicable to the following: “electrical / electronic equipment, apparatus, or systems of industrial machines operating from a nominal voltage of 600 volts or less, and commencing at the point of connection of the supply to the electrical equipment to the machine.”

With an increase in compliance requirements, we have found that designers and installers alike are experiencing more difficulty finding solutions that are ideal for the applications and also fit all of the terms defined in the NFPA 79 standard. We have seen this unfortunately result in the utilization of products in projects and designs that are less than ideal for the machinery in terms of safety.

Discover the Flange

Flange Hangle

In an attempt to mitigate any confusion of selection, we engineered a robust Flange handle and accessories to fit a wide variety of installations which are not only NFPA 79 compliant, but UL 508A as well. With additional emphasis on the ease of use and functionality, the caliber of our products is unmatched and is guaranteed to exceed qualifications.

Our handle is designed with extensive safety features created with the user in mind. The Flange is padlockable in the OFF position and operable independent of the door position without the use of tools. Additionally, the flange handle interlocks in the ON position.  

To provide the most extensive offer possible for the installation in which it is being used, the handle comes in two options: standard and chrome plated with NEMA ratings of: 1, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12. Both are able to operate the switch by cable or rod mechanisms. Furthermore, we have designed the flange to work with both fused and non-fused switches.

Rod and Cable

NFPA 79 Through the Door Kit

For those not wanting to use flange handles, we also offer an NFPA 79 Through the Door Kit for use with conventional, external rotary handles. This package includes the accessories needed for the operation of a switch via a permanently mounted internal handle operated only by “deliberate means”, in our case requiring an operator to push and turn in order to comply with the standard’s requirements (NFPA 79 complaint).

NFPA 79 Through the Door Kit

Socomec Solutions

Our fused disconnect the Fuserbloc from 30-400A is UL98 and CSA 22.2 No. 4 certified and can be used with flange accessories such as cable, rod, or NFPA 79 through the door kits (for Fuserbloc up to 800 A). With double breaking contacts per pole, this guarantees the complete isolation of the fuse when the switch is turned off ensuring the safety of personnel if replacing a fuse. Designed in a compact footprint, the Fuserbloc has a high breaking capacity up to 200kA.

For our non-fused disconnect we offer our SIRCO V from 30 to 400A, which is a load break switch with visible breaking  and is compatible with NFPA 79 accessories including cable or rod flange accessories and NFPA 79 through the door kits. With a high thermal and dynamic withstand as well as high electrical and mechanical endurance, the SIRCO V is extremely durable and tested and approved for use in the most demanding applications meeting UL 98 and CSA 22.2 No. 4 standards.Fuserbloc & Sirco V


If you have an application that requires NFPA 79 solutions please contact Socomec Inc. at for further details.