Datalogger with embedded software WEBVIEW-L
DATALOG H — delivers historical & real-time monitoring of all measurements from up to 200 devices
DATALOG H centralizes, stores and displays all the device measurements on a single clear and user friendly interface WEBVIEW-L.



  • Fast configuration with the automatic detection of Socomec devices
  • Automatic export of data via FTP
  • Email transmission in case of alarms
  • Analyze energy consumptions and measurement over time
  • Analysis of power quality events
  • Create geographical and electrical hierarchies to reflect your installation and your processes
  • Connected to the Cloud


  • IEC 62974-1


DATALOG H with its embedded software WEBVIEW-L associated with Socomec devices enable you to create a smart energy data communication network in order to:
- Remotely and automatically read multi-fluid energy meters and multi-function meters, isolated or not.
- Pool, secure, store and provide the data to a computer application.
- Connect your meters and multi-function measurement units in a 2G/3G/GPRS network.


  • Industry
  • Building
  • Infrastructure
  • Data Center
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
48540020 - DATALOG H80 WEBVIEW-L100
48540021 - DATALOG H81 WEBVIEW-L100
48540030 - DATALOG H80 WEBVIEW-L200
48540031 - DATALOG H81 WEBVIEW-L200