Multifunction power metering & monitoring device - PMD
Power Metering And Monitoring Devices DIRIS A-40 — panel-door mounted with Plug and Play sensors
Configuration wizard guides the user step by step, ensuring automatic errors correction and cutting commissioning time in half.



  • Assisted configuration guaranteeing to perform commissioning two times faster and to ensure the reliability of the installation
  • Device connected to the Cloud to export the data at anytime from anywhere
  • Metering system (Meter + sensor) class 0.5 in accordance with ANSI C12.20
  • Safe 100mV RJ12 output


  • UL 61010 Guide FTRZ File E257746
  • IEC 61557-12


The DIRIS A-40 is a panel-mounted power monitoring device (PMD) designed for measuring, monitoring and reporting electrical energy.
The DIRIS A-40 offers a range of functions for measuring voltage, current, power, energy and quality.
This range allows the analysis of a single-phase or three-phase load.
All the measurements information can be used and analyzed remotely using energy efficiency softwares.


  • Industry
  • Infrastructures
  • Data Center
  • Building
48250501 - DIRIS A-40 Ethernet 3I 2O
48250500 - DIRIS A-40 RS485 Modbus 3I 2O
48250502 - DIRIS A-40 Profibus 3I 2O
DIRIS Digiware I & DIRIS A-40 & DIRIS B Accessories
48290589 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 4x2m
48290590 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 6x0.1m
48290591 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 6x0.2m
48290592 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 6x0.3m
48290593 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 6x1m
48290594 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 6x2m
48290595 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 3x0.5m
48290596 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 4x0.5m
48290597 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 6x0.5m
48290601 - Digiware RJ12 50m + connectors
48290602 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 1x5m
48290603 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 1x10m
48290580 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 3x0.1m
48290581 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 3x0.2m
48290582 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 3x0.3m
48290583 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 3x1m
48290584 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 3x2m
48290588 - Digiware RJ12 Cable 4x1m