Enclosed Power Metering And Monitoring - DIRIS DigiBOX M | Socomec
Enclosed Power Monitoring solution for AC and DC circuits
Enclosed Power Metering And Monitoring DIRIS DigiBOX M — up to 24 loads
The most flexible enclosed multi-circuit power monitoring system



  • Factory pre-wired avoiding wiring errors
  • Quick RJ12 lead connections to smart current sensors
  • Global accuracy class 0.5 (including current sensors) according to ANSI C12.20
  • Embedded web based software
  • Custom features available on request
  • Ideal for retrofits and new electrical installations
  • Unique single-point voltage sensing


  • UL 508A
  • UL 61010 Guide FTRZ/PICQ File E257746
  • ANSI C12.20
  • IEC 61557-12


DIRIS DIgiBOX M is an enclosed metering line designed to offer a complete and modular metering solution for single-point or multi-point applications in NEMA1/3R enclosures for indoor and outdoor use.
Factory pre-wired, the DIRIS Digibox M eases installation with considerable cost savings for retrofit applications and eliminates wiring errors.
DIRIS Digibox M is the only enclosed and scalable power monitoring system on the market. The solution offers all the benefits of the DIRIS Digiware technologies in an enclosure.


  • Industrial processes
  • Building
  • Infrastructure
  • Data Center
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
Mechanical View Available
USDBB01D30 - DigiBOX 1 Display RS485
USDBB01ND0 - DigiBOX 1 NO Display RS485
USDBB04D50 - DigiBOX 4 Display ETH
USDBB04ND0 - DigiBOX 4 NO Display RS485
USDBB06D50 - DigiBOX 6 Display ETH
USDBB06ND0 - DigiBOX 6 NO Display RS485
USDBB08D50 - DigiBOX 8 Display RS485
USDBB08ND0 - DigiBOX 8 NO Display RS485
USDBP01D30 - DigiBOX 1 PRO Display RS485
USDBP01D50 - DigiBOX 1 PRO Display ETH
USDBP01ND0 - DigiBOX 1 PRO NO Display RS485
USDBP04D50 - DigiBOX 4 PRO Display ETH
USDBP04ND0 - DigiBOX 4 NO Display RS485
USDBP06D50 - DigiBOX 6 PRO Display ETH
USDBP06D70 - DigiBOX 6 PRO Display Gateway
USDBP06ND0 - DigiBOX 6 PRO NO Display RS485
USDBP08D50 - DigiBOX 8 PRO Display Ethernet
USDBP08D70 - DigiBOX 8 PRO Display Gateway
USDBP08ND0 - DigiBOX 8 PRO NO Display RS485
DIRIS DigiBOX Accessories
USDBENC-002 - Steel enclosure 1 DIN 10x10x6
USDBENC-001 - Steel enclosure 2 DIN 12x12x6
USDBENC-003 - Poly enclosure 1 DIN 12x12x6
Configuration accessories
48290050 - USB Configuration Cable