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DC current measurement module
Multi-circuit Power Metering And Monitoring DIRIS Digiware Idc — measure and monitor at the closest point to the loads
Add multiple current modules and customize your system based on the number of circuits to monitor

DIRIS Digiware Idc


  • Compact: up to 3 DC circuits per module
  • Quick RJ12 connection to DC current sensors
  • Adapted to suit metering and power quality analysis of DC circuits
  • Multi-circuit: quick RJ45 connection between modules allow the monitoring of a large number of circuits


  • UL 61010 Guide FTRZ/PICQ File E257746
  • IEC 61557-12
  • CEC compliant


DIRIS Digiware Idc are DIN-rail mounted DC power monitoring modules. Associated with DIRIS Digiware Udc DC voltage measurement modules, they measure and monitor parameters such as power, energy and power quality of DC electrical circuits. With their design, they can be installed at the closest point to the circuit to measure.
The RJ12 current inputs allow a quick and error free connection to DC current sensors which are directly powered by the DIRIS Digiware Idc module (no external power supply needed).
Adding DIRIS Digiware Idc modules to the monitoring system is easily done by clicking an RJ45 cable. This allows great flexibility to users wishing to add more metering points in the future.


  • Data center
  • Energy
  • Industrial processes
Mechanical View Available
48290156 - DIRIS Digiware I-30dc Current
48290157 - DIRIS Digiware I-35dc Current
DIRIS Digiware Idc Accessories
48290782 - Digiware RJ12-MOLEX 3x0.3m
48290783 - Digiware RJ12-MOLEX 3x0.5m
48290784 - Digiware RJ12-MOLEX 3x1m
48290785 - Digiware RJ12-MOLEX 3x2m
48290786 - Digiware RJ12-MOLEX 5m
DIRIS Digiware Accessories
48290183 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x1m
48290185 - Digiware RJ45 50m + connectors
48290189 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 6cm
48290120 - P15 Power Supply 24VDC 15W
48290180 - DGW RJ45 Termination resistor
48290184 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x2m
48290186 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x5m
48290187 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x10m
48290181 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x0.1m
48290182 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x0.5m
48290188 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x0.2m
Configuration accessories
48290050 - USB Configuration Cable