Current acquisition module with integrated sensors
Multi-circuit Power Metering And Monitoring DIRIS Digiware S — measurement of electrical circuits up to 63 A
Best compactness/performance ratio of the market

DIRIS Digiware S


  • Wiring time-saving with current sensors already integrated within the module
  • Fast Plug and Play RJ45 connection between modules
  • Multiple DIRIS Digiware S modules can be used within the measurement system enabling the monitoring of a large number of loads
  • Class 0.5 in accordance with ANSI C12.20


  • UL 61010 Guide FTRZ File E257746
  • IEC 61557-12


DIRIS Digiware S current acquisition modules have 3 integrated current sensors for the measurement of electrical circuits up to 63 A.
Positioned directly above or below the protective devices, they are associated with the DIRIS Digiware U voltage acquisition module to measure consumption, and to monitor the electrical installation and the quality of the distribution network.


  • Industry
  • Building
  • Infrastructure
  • Data Center
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
48290161 - DIRIS Digiware S-135 3XCurrent
48290162 - DIRIS Digiware S-Datacenter 3I
48290160 - DIRIS Digiware S-130 3XCurrent
DIRIS Digiware S Accessories
48290195 - Mounting clip DGW S-xxx (X10)
48290196 - MCB insert DGW S-xxx (X10)
DIRIS Digiware Accessories
48290182 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x0.5m
48290183 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x1m
48290184 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x2m
48290189 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 6cm
48290185 - Digiware RJ45 50m + connectors
48290186 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x5m
48290187 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x10m
48290188 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x0.2m
48290120 - P15 Power Supply 24VDC 15W
48290180 - DGW RJ45 Termination resistor
48290181 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x0.1m
Configuration accessories
48290050 - USB Configuration Cable