On Grid - SUNSYS HES L | Socomec
Outdoor Energy Storage System
On Grid SUNSYS HES L — from 50kVA/186kWh to 850kVA/1674kWh systems
An all in one range of outdoor Energy Storage Systems available in a variety of sizes and features for on grid and off grid applications.



  • Safety certified
  • Fast and safe installation
  • Intelligent EMS
  • Top quality components


  • Safety : UL 9540 2020; UL 9540A
  • EMC: FCC part 15 Level A
  • Environment: RoHS; REACH
  • Communication protocol: Modbus TCP SunSpec 2.0
  • Grid code: UL1741 SA/SB; IEEE 1547 2018; IEEE 1547.1 2020; CA Rule 21; HECO Rule 14H; UL 1741 CRD. Please consult us for additional ones.


Socomec has created our first native outdoor UL Listed energy storage system using CATL Batteries. The SUNSYS HES L merges two proven technologies to create an all-in-one solution including:
Socomec Power Conversion System (PCS): the SUNSYS C-Cab L uses safe conversion technology to limit the common mode noise effect.
CATL EnerOne Liquid-Cooled Battery: the SUNSYS B-Cab L utilizes the stable chemistry of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries that can withstand thermal runaway.
SUNSYS HES L is compliant with UL 9540 2020: the safety standard associated with complete Energy Storage Systems and Equipment.


  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • EV charging infrastructures
  • Isolated microgrids
  • Resilient microgrids
  • Renewable energy integration: Solar + Storage
Many system configurations are available, please contact us