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How to Accurately Bill for Energy Consumption with Tenant Metering

If you own or manage commercial buildings, tenant submetering for your premises could transform how you bill your tenants for their consumption. The traditional approach is for a single meter that monitors the power consumption of multiple rental units. Tenants then share cost for energy consumption based on the rental square-footage they occupy. Traditional energy metering lacks transparency, which impairs…

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Raise Awareness to Reduce Energy Costs with Your Tenants—Here’s How to Do it

Building utilities can amass huge bills that affect your profits. Often, tenants are responsible for all if not the majority of utility costs, but it’s still an issue that affects your bottom line. Building owners that cover electricity for their tenants will definitely feel the pain, especially in high usage seasons such as summer and…

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effective energy management strategy

How to Implement an Effective Energy Management Strategy

It’s time to reduce your building’s energy consumption, but that’s easier said than done. For many facility managers, lowering energy usage is a bit of a mystery. How are you going to accomplish lower energy consumption - and for that matter, why should you be working to reduce your usage? It all starts with implementing an effective energy management…

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