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Independent Laboratory: Tesla Lab

Tesla Lab – Power Testing and Certification

Tesla Lab – Power Testing and Certification is an independent laboratory specializing in the testing of LV components, switchgear and switchgear assemblies. Tesla Lab provides a wide range of equipment and experience in electrical, mechanical, climatic and functional tests for low voltage operating, control, safety and measuring equipment.

Capitalizing on outstanding expertise and facilities

Created in 1965, the laboratory has continuously expanded its activities, starting from electrical component testing to larger equipment testing like switchgear assemblies, busbar trunking, public distribution boards, etc.

In parallel with the expansion of activities, the surface area has been increased with clean and modern buildings providing easy access to the test facilities.

Tesla Lab has a highly skilled, professional and stable workforce. Continuous training ensures that they master the latest measurement technologies, methods and equipment.

The time has now come for the laboratory to share these facilities and expertise with external clients.

A worldwide recognition

Established in Benfeld, France, Tesla Lab has a worldwide recognition.

  • Working in Client Test Data Program with UL (USA).
  • Agreed for shared certification by CSA (Canadian Standard Association).
  • Founding member of ASEFA which is the French member of LOVAG.
  • Accredited by COFRAC (France) to ISO 17025.
  • WMT agreement with DEKRA (IEC and EN standards).

Further to these recognitions, Tesla Lab has partnered with many other international certification bodies.

Therefore the scope of tests can take into account the specific safety and quality requirements of each country or market segment.