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Discover SOCOMEC's latest venture into the Energy Storage market in this interview with our Energy Storage expert.

Leveraging its strong historical expertise in both AC & DC Power Monitoring, Power Switching and Power Conversion, Socomec is investing since early 2010s in Energy Storage applications, participating to many experimentations with major utilities, battery manufacturers, energy management software editors and pioneers ESS system integrators

Outdoor Energy Storage Systems: an all in one range of outdoor Energy Storage Systems available in a variety of sizes and features for on grid and off grid applications.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Turn on multiple energy storage services to reduce energy costs and improve power availability.

Renewable Energy Integration

Optimize the injection of renewable energy into the electricity network

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructures

Boost your capacity for electric vehicle charging

Isolated Microgrids

Provide a reliable power supply with multiple sources for disconnected microgrids

Resilient Microgrids

Ensure a continuous power supply for a connected microgrids

Mobile Energy Storage

Provide a temporary power in all circumstances and locations

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