Energy server embedded into DIRIS Digiware D-70 & DIRIS Digiware M-70
Monitor, Alarm, Analyze, Photoview
32 measurement devices

Webview: Monitoring software for energy measurement and analysis


WEBVIEW is a web based software embedded in DIRIS A-40 power monitoring devices, DIRIS Digiware D-70 displays, DIRIS Digiware M-70 communication gateways and DATALOG H80/H81 dataloggers delivering real-time monitoring of all measurements from up to 200 devices and displaying the breakdown of energy consumptions. Uncover the causes of electrical disturbances and anticipate maintenance requirements thanks to historical records of multiple electrical parameters.

Pre-set alarms defined by the user can be sent by e-mail. Users can access WEBVIEW via a web browser on a PC or a tablet.

Strong points
Plug & Play

Quickly configure WEBVIEW thanks to the automatic detection of Socomec devices. Create geographical and electrical hierarchies to reflect your installation and your processes.

Easy to use

WEBVIEW centralizes measurements from all downstream devices via a single clear and user friendly interface. The ergonomics of each screen allow users to easily and quickly analyse the parameters and the behaviour of the installation.

Various functions

Very easy to configure and to use, WEBVIEW offers a wide range of features including realtime monitoring, alarm management and notification by e-mail, multi-utility analysis (electricity, water, gas), power parameter logging and allocation of consumption by end-use and location.

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