Ivan Steyert Président-directeur général Socomec
Ivan Steyert

"Our reputation is the result of almost one hundred years of existence, recognized technological expertise, and the interpersonal skills of the company's employees and partners. This human dimension, begun by the founders of the SOCOMEC Group, has, over the years, shaped the values which underpin the company and guide its activity: Openness, Commitment, and Responsibility.

The Code of Conduct that we have in place confirms our Responsibility. It sets out our requirements for integrity, respect for rules and respect for people. It is built on clear ethical rules. It is widely distributed to all the Group's employees and partners and enables everyone to take more initiatives every day to satisfy our customers.

In a demanding and changing market, our Code of Conduct reinforces the essential relationship of trust that we must maintain with all the Group's stakeholders. The Group will continue to improve its performance and ensure its sustainability through the exemplary and irreproachable conduct of all its employees and partners.

This is why we attach so much importance to our Code of Conduct."

Our Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct applies to all temporary and permanent employees of the SOCOMEC Group, to all managers and legal representatives of SOCOMEC Group companies (including directors, members of executive, management and supervisory committees, etc.) and to all SOCOMEC partners.

It provides a framework for our relations with our partners and specifies the methods for implementing our ethical policy.


Dowload the code of conduct

Socomec Group human rights policy
Socomec Group is committed to closely managing compliance in terms of human rights, across its own locations as well as throughout its supply chain.

Our alert (whistleblowing) system

Here you will find the procedure for collecting reports of conduct that threatens the general interest or is contrary to the Group's rules and procedures.

If you wish to use this procedure to report an incident, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the form here
  2. Complete the form
  3. Send the completed form to the Socomec Ethics & Compliance Officers, either:

               a. By email to ethics@socomec.com

               b. By post to "Référent Ethique et Conformité, 1 rue de Westhouse, 67235 Benfeld, FRANCE"


One of the Ethics & Compliance Officers will acknowledge receipt of your alert and will then contact you.

Assessment of partners

Socomec has a system for assessing its customers and suppliers in order to improve our sourcing and control the risk of a breach of probity. The "World-Check One" platform continuously monitors the integrity of all the Group's strategic partners concerning their involvement in various discriminatory acts. A committee has been set up to monitor these assessments and to deal with cases where the conduct of any of our partners violates our ethical principles.

Commitment to the ecological transition
Socomec attaches great importance to the notion of sustainability
Choosing responsible suppliers
Sustainable development is at the heart of Socomec's purchasing policy
Reducing the environmental impact of our products
Eco-design and energy efficiency of products