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As a Facility Manager, you know that the time has come to start reducing your building’s energy consumption. While there are many different ways to do so, we at Socomec understand the best way to conserve energy is to gain an in-depth knowledge of your consumption habits and to come up with a plan to change them. We accomplish this by installing energy metering and monitoring solutions to measure energy loads throughout your building.

But what type of metering device is right for your building? What performance indicators do you need to measure, and what technology exists to help you do it? Don’t play a guessing game. Your first step should be to speak with one of our technical engineer who will work to understand your building and to come up with a solution that fits your needs. Schedule your free technical sales consultation today! You’ll speak to a knowledgeable, professional engineer who will:

  • Work to understand your building’s specific needs
  • Help you find the right metering and monitoring solution
  • Answer any questions you have related to the products, installation, cost, and more


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