2022 was Socomec's centenary year.

100 years of human achievement and technological innovation to harness electrical energy and make it safer, more sustainable and more efficient.

100 years of development and collaboration with our customers, suppliers and partners to progress together towards greater energy efficiency.

100 years of research and cooperation to find and implement the most breakthrough solutions.

This is the story of an independent, family-run company, founded a century ago, which we invite you to discover here

Ivan Steyert
Ivan Steyert

"A company is above all a journey made by men and women who share a common vision and values".

A look back at 100 years of history

The history of the Socomec Group began in France, in Alsace, in the backyard of Joseph Siat, a textile engineer by training.

He founded the Société des Ateliers de Construction Electromécaniques du Bas-Rhin on 22 April 1922. After experimenting with various electrical accessories, he quickly turned to switches, circuit breakers and other fuse-based solutions to protect against the unpredictable variations of a still poorly controlled current.

From 1945, under the joint management of his sons Pierre and Maurice Siat, the company continued to develop and in 1953 adopted the name SOCOMEC.

In the 1980s, a new stage was reached: under the leadership of Bernard Steyert, Socomec became an international company and expanded its expertise in the field of energy conversion and power electronics. In 2010, the founder's great-grandson, Ivan Steyert, took over the management. He has continued the internationalisation of the group and created E'nergys, to back Socomec's equipment and products with a complete and connected service offering. This is the key to meeting the challenges posed by the energy transition and digital transformation.

Our heritage: linking the future and tradition based on 100 years of family continuity

  • Joseph Siat (the founder: from 1922 to 1945)
  • Pierre and Maurice Siat ( his sons: from 1945 to 1991)
  • Bernard Steyert (his grandson: from 1991 to 2010)
  • Ivan Steyert (his great-grandson: since 2010 to the present day)


Since 1922, each generation has consolidated the achievements, developed the expertise and increased the sphere of the company's business activities, which today has become a leading international group. As for the fundamentals, they have not changed: independence, innovation and responsibility. Today, it is the 4th generation, represented by the Chairman and CEO Ivan Steyert, who is continuing and developing the family heritage.

Dirigeants socomec 100 ans

Our logo: highly symbolic!

Our logo has been the standard of our identity and has followed the evolution of our company, aiming for the right balance between change and continuity.

The electrical symbol that appeared on the company's first logo was followed in the 1970s by two more precise symbols: switching and ripple voltage. This was to identify more precisely the company's expertise at the time, which was integrated into its core solutions: switchgear and inverters.

In the 1990s, to support our international development and give a new dynamic, a new identity took shape.

This evolution, without any interruption, allows Socomec to combine its future with tradition. Continuity is ensured by the consistency of the colours, another symbol of the company's identity:

Yellow, the colour of energy, warm and luminous, and Blue, the symbol of loyalty and evocative of technical expertise. 

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