Fusible disconnect switches UL and CSA: from 30 to 800 A


FUSERBLOC UL are heavy duty switches that break and make power circuits on and off load. The switches employ double break contacts per pole that ensure complete isolation of the fuse when the switch is in the “OFF” position. These switches are extremely durable and are tested and approved for use in the most demanding applications. The TEST position function is enabled with handles with the TEST position. This function tests the control circuit auxiliaries without switching the main contacts. It is a simple alternative to a separately wired push button.

Improved safety

On load make and break power circuit applications

Double break by phase

Touch safe covers

High breaking capacity

Up to 200 kA short circuit rating

A complet range of functions

Compact footprints

Front or side operation

Flange operation

NFPA 79 compliant kits

Voltage sensing terminals for FMD fuse monitoring device

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