ATyS C66, UL ATS Controller for Open and Delayed Transition

The ATyS C66 is an ATS controller designed to control all types of emergency system, legally required and optional standby transfer switching equipment as per NEC (NFPA 70). As our most versatile switch controller, the ATyS C66 can be used with ALL switching technologies including transfer switches, circuit breakers and contactors.

ATyS C66 ensures automatic and manual transfer from one source to another with fully configurable timers and thresholds and can be door mounted or panel mounted. Additionally, our controller is compatible with our DIRIS Digiware solutions.

In just 8 simple steps configure the entire ATyS C66!
  • Select a language
  • Start the Wizard
  • Smart vs Manual Configuration
  • Date Time
  • Smart Configuration
  • Naming the Product
  • Setting Communication Parameters
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