Understand the natural aging of the UPS

As soon as a new UPS is installed, a process of natural aging and deterioration begins, defining the UPS lifecycle. Some UPS components, including batteries, capacitors, and fans, have a defined life. These are replaced as part of the preventative maintenance program at defined intervals, thus increasing the lifetime of the UPS to 10-15 years.

To further increase the operational life of the UPS, other electronic parts should be replaced, avoiding the need to replace the whole UPS.

Modular UPS  has the correct architecture to allow the operational life of the system to be extended. This is only possible if the system is based on electronic free cabinets using plug-in modules and, therefore, quick and easy to replace.

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Manage UPS end-of-life

Stand-alone UPS At end-of-life, the only possibility is the UPS replacement.

Standard modular UPS At end-of-life, the only possibility is the UPS replacement.

Modular UPS designed for end-of-life management allows for hot-swapping of the modules being replaced.


Manage UPS end-of-life

What are the characteristics of a modular UPS designed to avoid end-of-life?

  • Electronic free cabinet, all electronics housed in plug-in modules
    UPS designed to avoid end of life
  • Everything front access
  • All modules hot-swap with the UPS running
  • Replace only the modules subject to component aging
  • Firmware automatic alignment to allow one-by-one power module hot-swap

Socomec solution

"Forever Young" concept

MODULYS GP-UL employs an exclusive concept called ‘Forever Young‘, which allows the life-cycle extension and eliminates the criticality of system end-of-life, thanks to an “electronic-free” cabinet and periodic hot-swap replacement of power modules. 

"Forever Young" concept enables the implementation of future technology improvements by replacing obsolete electronic parts without modifying the infrastructure or replacing the whole UPS.

Key points are the power modules and spare part compatibility and availability.
Socomec is unique in the UPS industry by guaranteeing compatibility and availability for over 20 years.

An official declaration is available on request.