Energy Storage for Renewable Energy Management

Energy storage is the core element for the transition of the electric utility system to Smart Grids. They are reducing the impact of increases in the retail electricity price, managing the intermittence of renewable energy production, or meeting the challenge of demand-response energy balance. Whatever the need or the application in this new environment, SOCOMEC energy storage solutions are the concrete answer.

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Protection solutions for photovoltaic applications

A photovoltaic installation comprises photovoltaic modules, one or more inverters, and isolation and protection devices.

The SOCOMEC isolation and protection solutions provide total safety during maintenance and, in the event of a fire or electrical shock, protection from the reverse current of the photovoltaic modules and surge voltages caused by lightning.

Depending on the photovoltaic module technology and the size of the installation, the isolation and protection devices can be integrated into cabinets or photovoltaic string control enclosures.

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Photovoltaic installations require constant monitoring of energy production and operational parameters.

SOCOMEC provides different monitoring solutions for checking the daily production, the plant's profitability, the contribution to environmental protection, and the reduction of production downtime and for complete supervision of the PV plant to guarantee the installation’s overall operating efficiency.

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