SIRCO MOT DC ESS are remotely operated multipolar load break switches.
They make and break under load conditions and provide safety isolation for any low-voltage circuit dedicated to ESS applications up to 1500 VDC.

Conformity to standards

UL 98B
IEC 60947-3
GB/T 14048.3


SIRCO MOT DC ESS is available in X versions

Item Type Rated current [A] Number of poles Frame size Control operator Rated voltage Conformity to standard #1 Select
19ES4200 Front operation 2000 4 B7ds Motorized 1500 UL98B
18ES4250 Front operation 2500 4 B7ds Motorized 1500
18ES4320 Front operation 3200 4 B7ds Motorized 1500
18ES4360 Front operation 3600 4 B7ds Motorized 1500


High-performance switching

SIRCO MOT DC ESS motorized load break switches incorporate patented technology, providing a breaking capacity at 1500 VDC with just 2 poles, significantly limiting power dissipation. This broad range covers ratings up to 2000 A, 1500 VDC.

Application tested design

Designed and tested for several DC applications, with proven performance in the harshest environments. The arc extinguishing system provides safe disconnection, rapid arc extinguishing, and current interruption.
- Tested against high short circuit systems with and without fuse protection to ensure complete system protection above 210 kA.
- Proven against severe environmental factors including: “Annex Q level C according to IEC” salt spray tested, high temperature and altitude, humidity cycle tested.

Reduced total cost of ownership

Developed with user cost savings in mind, the product features improvements which ensure a lower total cost of ownership.
- Flexible wiring configurations allow for simple in and out wiring, and by not using series bridging bars, cost savings can be achieved.
- One design for both UL and IEC products providing the same base design for customers with UL and IEC machines.
- Compact solution with reduced footprint and weight improves sustainability with reduced packaging, transportation, and installation costs.

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