Michele Putignano

Chief Executive Officer, Socomec Group NAM

Bruno Plisson

MD Socomec, Inc. | SVP Sales & KAM

Quentin Ballu

Deputy Managing Director, Socomec Inc.


MD Socomec, Inc. | VP & General Counsel

Thierry Leroy

SVP Integration & Synergies

Franklin Maxson

Vice President, Service, North America

Chuck Rames

Director of Marketing, Energy Storage

Patrick Dupont

North America Key Accounts Director


Paul Smith

Regional Sales Manager, South, Mid-Atlantic, CAR

Steve Linn

Area Sales Manager, South Central

Lorenzo Dimaso

Northern Regional Sales Manager

Dave Eastwood

Area Sales Manager, Northeast

Adrian Scott

Regional Sales Manger, West Coast

Mike Debruyn

Area Sales Manager, PNW & Rocky Mt. Region

Steve Yennie

Area Sales Manager, Southern CA

Nigel Cowling

National Sales Manager, Canada

José Landry

Area Sales Manager, Quebec

Mike Quinlan

Business Development Manager - PSM

Thomas Leonard

Business Dev. Manager - Power Monitoring

Kevin Pack

Senior Manager - Power Monitoring

Mike Cheatham

Key Account Manager

Andras Boross

VP Technical Project Management - ESS

Lorenzo Di Maso

Branch Sales Manager

Eli Lorenzo

Area Sales Manager, AL., GA., FL.

Dennette Woodworth

Area Sales Manager, Ontario

Jim Danigelis

Area Sales Manager, MI., IN., OH., KY.

Paul Skinner

Key Account Manager

Technical Support

David Dahuron

Sales and Technical Support Manager

Riky Perez

Senior Technical Sales Support Engineer

Thomas Cothern

Technical Sales Support Engineer

Rolli Dudu

Technical Sales Support Engineer

Finance & Accounting

John Cascio

Finance & Business Admin Manager

Joshua Plummer

Accounts Payable Specialist

Sonam Alvin

Sr. Financial and Planning Analyst

Alexis Paolini

Controlling Director


Hannah Bideaux

Marketing & Communications Manager

Rachel Goodman

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Manon Cozic

Marketing Specialist

Supply Chain & Logistics

Sarah El Daccache

Senior Logistics & Supply Chain Specialist

Rowan King

Logistics Assistant

Customer Success

Eniada Topjanasi

Customer Success Manager

David Chung

Customer Success Specialist, Midwest

Francesca Manzini

Customer Success Specialist, North East & CA

John Deflurin

Customer Success Specialist

Corey Bernard

Customer Success Specialist

Adam Maltais

Customer Success

Alina Altidor

Customer Success & Office Coordinator

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