Socomec is ranked among the 1% of 45,000 best rated companies in the world by the first collaborative platform for evaluating the sustainable development performance of companies.

At the end of the 2019 evaluation, Socomec achieved a score of 73/100 and retained its "Gold" medal obtained in 2016. This rating places Socomec in the top 1% of companies ranked among the 45,000 assessed this year by the non-financial rating agency Ecovadis. The score represents an increase of 2 points compared to 2018 and 25 points since 2014. This ongoing progress reflects Socomec's implementation of a continuous improvement policy and the commitment of all operational departments to sustainable development.


The 2019 rating has increased due to the improvement in results related to the company's policies in terms of "Social and Human Rights".

Receiving the MASE certification (manual for improving health & safety in companies) for external operations with customers, our 1st place in the Happy Trainee category and the implementation of our in-house whistleblowing system are all examples of continuous improvement measures in this area.

The EcoVadis rating is based on a platform that measures the environmental, social, ethical and responsible purchasing practices of companies. At the end of this evaluation, advice cards listing the strengths and areas for improvement are provided to companies, in order to help them improve their CSR performance beyond the regulatory framework. Global companies evaluate their commercial partners through EcoVadis to promote supply chain resilience, encouraging them to go beyond simple compliance. This leads the companies evaluated to measure themselves against each other and therefore to continuously improve their results in terms of sustainable development. The Ecovadis platform is used by more than 45,000 companies of all sizes in 155 countries. 70% of CAC 40 companies and more than 350 major international groups use the EcoVadis system.





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