In addition to its global corporate commitments, such as its membership of the Global Compact since 2003 and the implementation of ISO14001 environmental certification at its production sites,
Socomec is also taking concrete steps to foster employee commitment daily.

"Socomec is actively committed to the energy transition across its business activities, especially the development of products that help reduce energy consumption as well as acting as a responsible manufacturing company. We carry out our activities according to a wide range of commitments in terms of certifications, standards and third-party audits. In addition to this, we felt that it was logical and consistent for us to study all the good practices that contribute to preserving the environment. These initiatives promote eco-citizenship and help develop the responsible awareness of our employees who can go on to become everyday ambassadors of sustainable development," explains Coline Fromont, Sustainable Development Manager at Socomec.

The company restaurant is a key location for everyday activities

The company restaurant at the Group's head office is a place frequented by all employees. As such, it is the ideal place to carry out daily activities. Following the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 health measures prohibiting the use of water fountains, an initiative was launched in 2020 to promote the use of flasks instead of bottled water.

At the same time, a waste sorting system has already been put in place, whereby organic waste is converted into biogas and fertilisers and packaging is recycled. Plastic bottle caps and other packaging, whether consumed on site or not, are collected at the exit of the restaurant for an association called "Bouchons d'amour" (an association for the collection and recycling of bottle caps for the benefit of the disabled) . In terms of waste reduction, the cash receipt issued when paying for the meal is now available in paperless form at the employee's discretion.

Finally, the range of meals offered to employees has also been extended in recent years with a daily vegetarian dish.

An eco-responsible approach to commuting and business trips

Although commuting has decreased this year it is still a source of carbon emissions. Several initiatives have been introduced by Socomec to reduce this impact. These include the promotion of car-sharing, the provision of electric bicycles to travel between sites and the use of hybrid (and soon electric) vehicles for company cars.

At the same time, eco-driving courses are offered to sales staff who make the biggest number of trips, and a substantial IT infrastructure has been designed and implemented to limit international travel by encouraging virtual meetings.

An inspiring week for sustainable development

Every year, Socomec organises its in-house "Green Week" event in order to make its employees aware of the issues surrounding sustainable development. The company's eco-responsible projects are showcased and widely shared, and numerous actions are carried out to promote the pooling of ideas, best practices and individual or collective tips for acting more sustainably.