Discover the Technical Note

The ability to measure electrical consumption accurately is a key point when embarking on an approach that aims to reduce our energy consumption. The concept of energy efficiency is also based on the ability to accurately analyze the measurement data of an electrical facility or system.

Even so, many organizations choose a measurement system based exclusively on the accuracy of the measurement device (PMD) itself, without taking into consideration its associated sensors. However, the overall accuracy involves taking the entire measurement chain into account, i.e. the PMD and its various sensors.

For optimum accuracy, SOCOMEC has developed a comprehensive solution - DIRIS Digiware - comprising a multi-circuit measurement system and an associated range of current sensors.

Depending on the number of loads to be measured, the entire DIRIS Digiware system consists of several types of modules to suit your requirements and provide you with fast, reliable and accurate measurements - every time.

Find out more about the overall measuring chain and the system developed by SOCOMEC in our white paper that you can download.