ATyS non-automatic transfer switches are designed for use in total system optional standby applications for the safe transfer between a normal and an alternate power source.
The changeover is done in open transition and with minimum supply interruption during transfer ensuring full compliance with UL 1008. The ATyS is a full on-load disconnector where the main components are based on proven technology, also meeting requirements in UL 98 standard.

Conformity to standards

UL 1008, Guide WPYV File 317092;
IEC 60947-6-1


Robust and Reliable design

ATyS is a remotely operated transfer switch tested in full compliance with UL 1008.
The design integrates a failsafe mechanical interlock to ensure that the main source is never inadvertently connected to the alternate. The stable position design ensures that the switch is unaffected by vibration or network voltage perturbation. The ATyS also includes a removable handle for on-load manual operation. This is extremely safe and easy to use. The ATyS also includes a fully rated switched neutral pole.


The self-cleaning contacts of the ATyS allow the power section to be maintenance-free.
For safe downstream maintenance, the ATyS includes a facility for isolation and padlocking in the zero position.
In the unlikely event of a motorization failure, the ATyS is designed in a way that the motorisation can be replaced easily and very quickly. Furthermore, the ATyS remains manually operational with or without the motorization in place.

Compatible with virtually any TSE controls

The ATyS is directly compatible with virtually any transfer switching control solution that provides volt free contacts. This allows the ATyS to be combined with most TSE controls available on the market and then used in automatic transfer switch applications.

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