Strong Points


DIRIS DigiBOX B is an easy-to-install enclosed single-point submetering solution. It provides users with all they need for a complete submeter installation. Simply select the current sensors (CTs) from our wide plug-and-play selection to complete your system. With just two parts numbers, DIRIS DigiBOX B allows you to address a wide range of metering applications.
DigiBOX B is powered by our DIRIS B-30 power monitoring device that communicates Modbus RTU via RS485.

Conformity to standards

cULus 508A
ANSI C12.20
IEC 61557-12
UL 61010-1 CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1 Guide PICQ File E257746


Safe and reliable

- cULus listed enclosures and.components.
- Assembled at our cULus 508A facility.
- Fused voltage connections.
- Detailed installation and commissioning instruction guides.

Plug & Play design

- Color coded RJ12 cables for easy phase identification when wiring current sensors to the DigiBOX B.
- Automatic detection of current sensor type and rating.
- Using low-voltage mV current sensors, no shorting blocks are needed, they can be disconnected safely under load.


Accuracy of measurements meets ANSI C12.20 and IEC 61557-12 standards:
- Class 0.5 system accuracy (Meter + TE/iTR/TF current sensors) from 2% to 120% of rated current.
- Class 0.2 DigiBOX B meter accuracy.

Resources & Documentation