STATYS Integrable is a fully integrated static transfer power unit for integration into a cabinet or a power distribution unit (PDU).
Supplied by two independent sources, STATYS Integrable increases the overall electrical infrastructure availability during abnormal events and programmed maintenance.

Conformity to standards

UL 1008s Guide WPXT E513909
IEC 62310-2 (EMC Immunity & Emission)

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Easy integration

- Pre-engineered mechanical and electrical connections for ease of integration into cabinets or PDUs.
- Installed simply by one operator with no special equipment required.
- STATYS Integrable is operated by any HMI via a single connection bus using Modbus protocol.

Unparalleled serviceability

- STATYS Integrable can be easily integrated or swapped with a new one without specific tools.
- Preventive maintenance is made quick by front-accessible components and drawer-mounted fans.

Best resiliency

- Full redundant internal design ensuring no single point of failure.
- Internal segregation between critical functions to prevent fault propagation.
- Load protection ensured even during an internal fault.

Robust design

- Compatible with all types of electrical infrastructure and applications.
- Fully rated SCR ensures no restriction to the continuation of the operation.

Technical data

Rating (A) 200 400 600 800
Rated voltage 208-220/380-415/480/600 V
Voltage tolerance ± 10% (configurable)
Non-synchronized sources management configurable up to ±180
Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz ± 5 Hz (configurable)
Number of phases 3ph+N or 3ph (+ PE) 3ph (+PE)
Number of poles switching 3 or 4-pole switching 3 pole switching
Maintenance bypass (cabinet version) monitoring up to 6 breakers
Overload 150% for 2 minutes - 110% for 60 minutes


Admissible power factor no restrictions
Operating ambient temperature 32-104 °F / 0-40 °C
Relative humidity 95%
Maximum altitude 3280 ft / 1000 m a.s.l. without derating
Acoustic level at 3.28 ft / 1m (ISO 3746) ≤ 60 dBA
Safety UL 1008 S
EMC C2 category IEC 62310-2, FCC part 15

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