Boltswitch & Socomec: How a Switch Became the Perfect Fit!

Published on October 14, 2019

Socomec Expansion in North America

Watertown, MA SEPTEMBER 2019: We are pleased and proud to announce that Boltswitch Inc. is now a part of Socomec Group, a family owned French based company and a global leader in low-voltage power switching and energy performance. Socomec has been taking great measures to expand their presence in North America. These efforts include augmenting its portfolio of switching technology by attaining a US based manufacturing center of excellence, and growing through the acquisition of exceptional companies such as Boltswitch.

Who is Boltswitch?

Boltswitch, Inc., a specialist in bolted pressure contact and pullout switches based in Crystal Lake, IL, is a US leader in the switchboard component market. They are recognized in the industry for developing the first UL listed Fused Power-Circuit Device, which is noted for its suitability on circuits with high available fault currents. They produced their first switch pole in 1953, and consistently contribute to the science of switch building. Their main priority is safety as they continue to make high quality, unique switches.

Boltswitch and Socomec . . . Working as One

Since the acquisition was completed in February of this year, Socomec has not implemented any changes to the company in terms of management or organization. Boltswitch has been instructed to run “business as usual”, and the Boltswitch team continues to operate under the leadership of former owners, John and James Erickson. Tom Courtney, CEO of Socomec Group North America, states that “This acquisition is a great complement not only to Socomec’s product offering, it is also a very good match for our culture. We are very excited about the future and look forward to working together with the folks at Boltswitch to share experiences and technologies.”

Continuing a history of innovation spanning nearly 100 years, Socomec is looking forward to future opportunities for diversifying company prowess in North America .