For the past century, innovation has been at the heart of Socomec’s success.

A $4m investment marks a new era with the launch of The Innovation Centre; a specialist facility dedicated to collaborative and creative working that is being resourced to solve the industry’s greatest challenges.


Representing a 4m€ investment, The Innovation Centre is a dynamic facility that represents and promotes collaboration, collective working and innovation.  Designed in conjunction with the Thales Architectures Agency as a space to explore and create, this 2,250 m² facility will house around 350 people and will act as a hub where expert teams can work together to solve the industry’s greatest challenges.


What’s the driving force behind The Innovation Centre?

Socomec’s CEO – Ivan Steyert – shares the story behind the development of this unique working space: “As an organisation, the cornerstones of our success have been excellence in customer relations, the talent and commitment of our people, and our ability to offer ever more innovative solutions and services.

“The development of The Innovation Centre is very much in line with our strategic approach – and our continuous stream of new developments underpins the fact that innovation is at the very heart of our differentiation.  Demonstrated by our Digiware monitoring system, Inosys switchgear and storage devices and next generation UPS in power conversion, our work is geared towards solving our customers’ challenges.”


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What can we expect from the site?

The first phase of construction saw the completion of the new building in December 2020; phase two involves the redevelopment of existing facilities followed by the redevelopment of the existing Research & Development building. 

By July 2021, the facility will be organised around a central forum and meeting spaces in order to promote communication and creativity.  An InnovLab will be focused purely on new technologies and the building will also house an electronics lab and Tesla lab.  Specialist projects platforms will be dedicated to each business unit and there will be welcoming spaces for external service providers, including research labs and start-ups, as well as working spaces for projects development teams.


A powerful investment in the future

As a business, Socomec has invested heavily in Research & Development over the last 100 years and this most recent project underpins the organisation’s unwavering commitment to innovation.  Ivan Steyert comments; “The Innovation Centre is a symbol of our company policy, both socially and economically. We are investing for the future and our jobs, we are investing to ensure that our employees have the best working conditions, and we are investing for our customers who challenge us to deliver ever more innovation in our offerings.  For the Group to grow, it is necessary to innovate, and to innovate, we are investing in all of our futures.”

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