With creative adventure around every corner, Socomec has collaborated with self-taught artist, David David, to be part of a city-wide art installation across Strasbourg that aligns art with industry, and is designed to challenge and inspire.

A cooperative movement that brings together companies, artists and public bodies, L’Industrie Magnifique helps to promote and develop artistic creation – reinforcing a culture of invention and industrial heritage in the Alsace region.

In June this year, L’Industrie Magnifique curated the collective work of over 180 partners, including 70 artists from around the world, to create a giant art gallery across 20 public spaces, transforming Strasbourg for 11 days and nights.


Forging links between industry and art

Socomec has supported artistic events and creations for over 30 years, as Socomec CEO, Ivan Steyert explains; “Creation in the artistic world and innovation in the industrial world come from the same energy - the energy that makes you feel, understand and make. Innovation is what has set Socomec apart for nearly 100 years, so in art we recognise an approach that echoes our DNA. Now, more than ever, it’s vital that we stand together with artists and the cultural world to provide support during this challenging period.

“L’Industrie Magnifique is an opportunity to bring industry to the city – and to demonstrate that a company is not a closed system but an active player in the global ecosystem, involved in the life of the city.  With this event, Strasbourg puts art at the heart of the city – providing a bridge between the street and the artist’s studio.” 


Energy: the common thread

Socomec worked with the artist David David and 3 other Alsatian family businesses, to create a collaborative piece that reflects both the technical know-how of each company and the common thread between all parts: energy.

“Libère ton énergie” (“Free your energy”) is underpinned by the philosophy of the artist, David, whose paintings, sculptures and plastic art works convey strong messages on societal subjects such as consumerism.


Sustainability by design: efficient, connected, monitored.

In the age of the smart city, this smart art installation is even connected – production capacity and consumption can be monitored in real time, along with the battery charge status.


Shared energy

Ivan Steyert, CEO, Socomec, comments; “Being a result of shared energy, we are proud to be able to exhibit this work at our headquarters for the benefit of all our employees and visitors – and to share it with those from whom we have drawn inspiration.

“After the period of confinement that we have all experienced, this work is a way to celebrate a new form of freedom for everyone – making the message behind our collective work - "free your energy" - all the more pertinent.”

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