Strong Points


Enclosed SIRCO are non-fusible disconnect switches provided with an enclosure. They operate the disconnection upstream from the motor and isolate a load for maintenance operations.

Conformity to standards

UL98, Guide WHTY File E201138
CSA 22.2#4, Class 4652-04 File 703166
UL 508A


ENCLOSED SIRCO is available in X versions

Item Type Rated current [A] Number of poles Select
30UC3010 Steel enclosure LBS 100 3


High switching performance, easy wiring

- High short-circuit rating.
- Reliable switching technology.
- Large terminals.

Robust and ergonomic handle

- Clear On - Off positions indication.
- 3 padlocks capability.
- Door interlocking in ON position and padlocked in OFF position.
- Defeatable door interlock in ON position. (The interlocking is automatically reactivated when the door is closed, except for polycarbonate boxes up to 60A).

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