RM CC are modular DIN rail-mounted fuse holders for UL Class CC fuses. They are available with and without LED indication in 1, 2, and 3-pole versions. RM CC fuse holders are IP20 protected from touch by fingers and provide safe breaking and isolation of electrical circuits up to 30 A at 600 V.

Conformity to standards

UL 4248-4, Guide IZLT File E307648
CSA C22.2, class 6225-01 File 265615


RM CC is available in X versions

Item Rated current [A] Number of poles Fuse size Size Fuse melting indicator Select
57050001 30 1 10x38 CC RM32 No
57050002 30 2 10x38 CC RM32 No
57050003 30 3 10x38 CC RM32 No
57050011 30 1 10x38 CC RM32 Yes
57050012 30 2 10x38 CC RM32 Yes
57050013 30 3 10x38 CC RM32 Yes


Improved safety

- Multipolar and simultaneous disconnection.
- High dielectric strength.
- Protection IP2X.

High breaking capacity

Protection against overloads and short circuits with high breaking capacity fuses (200 kA rms).

Specific format and accessories

- Modular 45 mm cut-out design.
- Padlocking accessory available.

Label holder

RM CC are equipped with a label holder for an easy circuit identification.

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