Distribution Blocks - DISTRIBUTION BLOCKS | Socomec
Power distribution blocks for distribution of wires within industrial control panels
Distribution Blocks DISTRIBUTION BLOCKS — from 80 A to 380A
Adapted for aluminum or copper cable usage. Compatible with multiple wire types: solid, stranded and fine with sleeve.



  • Touch safe protection from live parts with IP20, finger-safe design
  • Ease of integration with DIN RAIL or direct panel mounted
  • Space saving with its compact footprint


  • UL 1953 Guide QPQS File E500778
  • UR 1059 Guide XCFR2 File E500524
  • cURus 1059 Guide XCFR8 File E500524
  • IEC 60947-7-1


SOCOMEC Power distribution blocks allow easy connection of conductors. They are installed downstream of protective, disconnect or transfer switch devices.


  • Industry
  • Building
  • Infrastructure
  • Data Center
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
54111012 - BLOCK UNI 125A IEC/115A UL
54111013 - BLOCK UNI I. 125A IEC/115A UL
54111017 - BLOCK UNI 175A IEC/175A UL
54111025 - BLOCK UNI 250A IEC/255A UL
54113017 - BLOCK 3P CD 175A IEC/175A UL
54UL1008 - BLOCK UNI 80A IEC/85A UL
54UL1012 - BLOCK UNI 125A IEC/115A UL
54UL1017 - BLOCK UNI 175A IEC/175A UL
54UL1025 - BLOCK UNI 250A IEC/255A UL
54UL1040 - BLOCK UNI 415A IEC/380A UL