SIRCO non-fusible disconnect switches are heavy-duty switches that break and make power circuits on and off-load conditions and provide safe isolation.
These switches are extremely durable and are tested and approved for use in the most demanding applications.

Conformity to standards

CSA-C22.2 No.4,
Guide WHTY,
File E201138

CSA 22.2 No.4,
Class 4651-02,
File 112964

IEC 60947-3


Reliability and performance

The double-breaking-per-pole design, achieved through its sliding bar contact system, is a proven design that offers very high durability and short-circuits withstand. Improved breaking performance with quick opening and rapid closure.

Safety of property and personnel

The position indicator is located directly on the sliding bar contact mechanism, ensuring it can be seen in all circumstances.
The use of reinforced fiber-glass gives the SIRCO both high mechanical and thermal resistance.


The standardization of SIRCO common accessories means the following:

- Easy to install.
- Reduced stock management and storage costs.

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