Enclosed SIRCO M are non-fusible disconnect switches provided with an enclosure, used primarily for manual motor disconnection, and Service Entrance Disconnection or Branch Disconnection.
They control the disconnection upstream from the motor and isolate a load for maintenance operations: they ensure the on-load breaking and making of circuits and safely isolate all low-voltage electrical circuits by providing protection against contact with live parts and environmental elements, such as dust, water and other hazards.
Additional features a operation handle that abides by Lock Out / Tag Out requirements.

Conformity to standards

UL 60947-4-1*
CSA C22.2 No.14
Guide NLRV
File E173959
*Meets the requirements of the standard UL 508.

UL 98
CSA-C22.2 No. 4
Guide WHTY
File E201138


SIRCO M in polycarbonate enclosure is available in X versions



- Neutral terminals and removable earth terminals
- Option to cut to size
- Modularity of the Sirco M
- UL/NEMA rated enclosures up to 1, 3, 3R, 12, 4, 4X
- For applications up to 100 A

Robust and ergonomic handle

- Red/Yellow handle (available in black).
- Clear On - Off positions indication.
- 3 padlocks capability.
- Door interlocking in ON position and padlocked in OFF position.
- Defeatable door interlock in ON position. (The interlocking is automatically reactivated when the door is closed, except for polycarbonate boxes up to 60 A).

High switching performance, simple wiring

- High short-circuit rating.
- Reliable switching technology.
- Large terminals.


  • Industry - Power availability for industrial process
  • Industry - Protection for drives and motors

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