Solid AC current sensors
TE SOLID CORE Current Sensors — from 5-2000A, used with DIRIS Digiware, DIRIS A-40 and DIRIS B
Measure the load currents of an electrical system and send the data to power monitoring devices via a safe 100mV RJ12 plug-and-play output.

TE SOLID CORE Current Sensors


  • Plug & Play with a rapid RJ12 connection which makes wiring easy and reliable and prevents wiring errors
  • Safe 100mV RJ12 output
  • Class 0.2 in accordance with ANSI C12.20
  • Designed for new installations, same pitch as the most common protective devices.


  • UL 61010 Guide FTRZ File E257746
  • IEC 61557-12


TE smart current sensors measure the load currents of an electrical system and send the data to meters and measurement hubs via an RJ12 plug-and-play output. Thanks to a wide measurement range, TE current sensors cover the full current range of 5 to 2000 A, with 7 references. TE solid current sensors can be connected to DIRIS Digiware and DIRIS B-30 via a rapid RJ12 connection. Numerous accessories are available to aid the installation of sensors in any type of cabinet.


  • Industry
  • Building
  • Infrastructure
  • Data center
48290500 - TE-18 5-20A Sensor
48290501 - TE-18 25-63A Sensor
48290502 - TE-25 40-160A Sensor
48290503 - TE-35 63-250A Sensor
48290504 - TE-45 160-630A Sensor
48290505 - TE-55 400-1000A Sensor
48290506 - TE-90 600-2000A Sensor
48290599 - CT/5A to 100mV Adaptor