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Solid-core current sensors for DIRIS Digiware, DIRIS A-40 and DIRIS B
TE SOLID CORE Current Sensors — from 5-2000A
The smartest and most compact solid-core current sensors

TE SOLID CORE Current Sensors


  • Quick RJ12 connection making wiring easy and without errors
  • Safe mV output: on-load disconnection of the sensor
  • Global accuracy class 0.5 according to ANSI C12.20 (Meter + TE sensor)
  • Designed for new installations
  • Similar spacing as standard protective devices


  • UL 61010 Guide PICQ File E257746
  • IEC 61557-12


TE solid-core sensors are used with DIRIS Digiware I, DIRIS A-40, or DIRIS B Power Monitoring Devices to measure currents from 5 to 2000 A with only 7 part numbers and with the same guaranteed accuracy. The quick RJ12 connection, and the integrated intelligence prevent, any connection or configuration errors.
Numerous accessories are available to mount the sensors in any type of electrical panel.


  • Industrial processes
  • Building
  • Infrastructure
  • Data Center
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
Mechanical View Available
48290500 - TE-18 5-20A Sensor
48290501 - TE-18 25-63A Sensor
48290502 - TE-25 40-160A Sensor
48290503 - TE-35 63-250A Sensor
48290504 - TE-45 160-630A Sensor
48290505 - TE-55 400-1000A Sensor
48290506 - TE-90 600-2000A Sensor
48290599 - CT/5A to 100mV Adaptor