The DIRIS Digiware Udc modules measure the DC voltage and send the voltage sampling to all DIRIS Digiware Idc modules via the RJ45 bus.
For multi-point metering applications, this reduces the number of voltage connections to only one central point.
Measuring up to 180 VDC with a direct connection, they are compatible with typical nominal voltages (24 VDC, 48 VDC etc.).
Voltage adaptors can be added to the DIRIS Digiware U-32dc module, making it compatible with all voltage levels up to 1650 VDC.

Conformity to standards

UL 61010 Guide FTRZ/PICQ File E257746
IEC 61557-12
CEC compliant

Meter Selector
The ideal assistant for your DIRIS and ISOM Digiware projects
Meter Selector is the ideal assistant to accompany you in your multi-measurement and isolation monitoring projects.


DIRIS Digiware Udc is available in X versions


Single voltage measurement

- 1 single voltage measurement point for the entire system.
- Single point of protection for the voltage measurement.
- No hazardous voltage on panel doors.


The voltage adaptors make the measurement system compatible with all DC electrical networks.

Plug & Play

Easy to configure from DIRIS Digiware D interfaces or from the Easy Config configuration software.

Video presentation

DIRIS Digiware multi-point metering system

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