ATyS FT is a fully automatic open transition transfer switch for use in emergency systems, legally required standby systems, and optional standby systems for the safe transfer between a normal and an alternate power source. ATyS FT is a fast transfer switch with no center-off position.

Conformity to standards

UL 1008 CSA-C22.2 No.178.1-14 Guide WPWR File E506172


Robust, reliable and high performing

Rated for emergency systems and total system without derating, these switches also include high short-circuit rating with specific breakers or fuses up to 100 kA.

Safe manual handle

The ATyS FT ensures the safety of your maintenance personnel thanks to patented safety features. Access to the manual handle is prohibited by a transparent polycarbonate cover requiring deliberate action to open. Once the cover is opened, the switch and the controller are electrically inhibited, preventing any unexpected transfer during maintenance. When using the main manual handle, the power switching characteristics are as reliable as when operated automatically, ensuring safe transfers in all cases.

Intuitive use and simple installation

The ATyS FT includes the ATyS C66 controller, designed for simple and intuitive configuration.

Inspectable contacts

The ATyS FT is specifically designed to reduce the time it takes to inspect power contacts when utilizing the specific maintenance mode.

Communicates with other products

The ATyS FT includes an RS485 Modbus connection enabling a connection with other serial devices and a direct Digiware bus connection that interfaces with other Digiware compatible devices, such as the Diris Digiware or the M70/D70 gateways.

Includes the ATyS C66 controller

The automatic transfer switches ATyS FT include the C66 controller and connection harness as standard.
For more information on the advantages and functions of the C66 controller, refer to the relevant pages.

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