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Modular Power Metering & Monitoring Device
Power Metering And Monitoring Devices DIRIS A-30 — panel mounted single-point meter with hot swapable modules
Customizable solution with additional communication plug-in modules



  • User-friendly operation with a large backlit display screen and 6 hot keys
  • Wiring errors detection
  • Additional communication and input/output modules can extend the basic functional scope of this product.
  • Class 0.5 in accordance with ANSI C12.20


  • UL 61010 Guide PICQ File E257746
  • ANSI C12.20
  • IEC 61557-12


The DIRIS A-30 is a panel-mounted multifunction power monitoring device for electrical installations.
The device is easy to use thanks to its large backlit LCD display and 6 keys used to view reaDINgs and configuration.
Compatible with 1A or 5A secondary CTs.
Over/under limit alarms on all parameters can be confgured to detect drifs in measurements.
Additional communication, input/output and memory modules can extend the basic functional scope of the DIRIS A-30. Equipped with additional modules, the device can provide the user with flexibility and expandability throughout its service life.


  • Industrial processes
  • Infrastructures
  • Data Center
  • Building
Mechanical View Available
48250403 - DIRIS A-30 AC & DC AUX Supply
48250405 - DIRIS A-30 12-48VDC
DIRIS A-30 Accessories
48250093 - 2AO 0/4-20mA Module DIRIS A-30
48250097 - Memory Module DIRIS A-30
48250094 - 2DI/2DO Module DIRIS A-30
48250203 - Ethernet Module DIRIS A-30
48250090 - 2 PULSE Output Module A-30
48250205 - Profibus DP Module DIRIS A-30
48250092 - RS485 Com Module DIRIS A-30
48250204 - Ethernet + RS485 DIRIS A-30