DC voltage acquisition module
Multi-circuit Power Metering And Monitoring DIRIS Digiware Udc — up to 1650 VDC
Measure accurately DC voltage of an electrical installation.

DIRIS Digiware Udc


  • Measure up to 180 VDC with direct connection and up to 1650 VDC with voltage adaptors
  • Unique voltage measurement point for the entire system
  • Plug & Play with RJ45 cables
  • Compact to address space constraints inside electrical panels


  • UL 61010 Guide FTRZ File E257746
  • IEC 61557-12


The DIRIS Digiware U-31dc and U-32dc modules measure DC voltage for the entire system.
Measuring up to 180 VDC with a direct connection, they are compatible with typical nominal voltages (24 VDC, 48 VDC…).
The voltage adaptors make the system compatible with all voltage levels up to 1650 VDC to respond to the needs of all applications.
The RJ45 Digiware Bus transmits voltage measurements along with power supply and communication to all connected products.


  • Data center
  • Energy
  • Industry
48290150 - DIRIS Digiware U-31dc Voltage
48290151 - DIRIS Digiware U-32dc Voltage
DIRIS Digiware Accessories
48290182 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x0.5m
48290183 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x1m
48290184 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x2m
48290189 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 6cm
48290185 - Digiware RJ45 50m + connectors
48290186 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x5m
48290187 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x10m
48290188 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x0.2m
48290120 - P15 Power Supply 24VDC 15W
48290180 - DGW RJ45 Termination resistor
48290181 - Digiware RJ45 Cable 1x0.1m
DIRIS Digiware Udc Accessories
48290153 - DIRIS Digiware U500dc Adaptor
48290154 - DIRIS Digiware U1000dc Adaptor
48290155 - DIRIS Digiware U1500dc Adaptor